Entry Info


As anything else, your journey vehicle is of your choosing. We recommend something basic, affordable, simple, and easy to repair. Cars, trucks, minivans or just a motorized snowboard – whatever means you think will make you the most successful. Your vehicle will be tested just as much as you will. Set it up for success. Spare tires are always a good idea and we almost guarantee that any knowledge you have of your vehicle will come in very handy. If you’re not sure what to drive, or you want to buy and pick up something in Budapest before the start to make your life easier – we can help you! Just collect all your questions and ideas and contact us!


If you think that the journey itself and the people are what you’re coming for and don’t want to bother with driving, we have a solution for you. We launch a minibus service which you can share with fellow BCR travellers. The route is the same everything is the same except for the driving experience. For more information and the prices please contact us.

How do you sign up?

You can pre-register for the Budapest-Chernobyl Run by filling out the online registration form. This is a non-binding registration just to secure your place for the rally. Your application will be processed and registered in our system, but your place will ONLY be confirmed after you send in the registration fee. You will get information about the next steps, along with information about payment, after the pre-registration process is complete.

Budapest Chernobyl Run is not scheduled for 2011.

If you’re interested in an epic East European adventure, definitely take a look at the web pages of the CAUCASIAN CHALLENGE!

What kind of race is this?

Since the Budapest-Chernobyl Run is a competition, all participating teams are competing for the Mighty Trophy and the Special Prize. It is a democratic race in the region of strange democracies. The competing teams will be required to complete various GPS-related tasks (geocaching challenges) to earn points. These tasks may lead you to monuments, interesting locations, and are opportunities to visit places which may not be experienced by other travelers. During the day, you’ll solve geocaching challenges to collect points for your team but in the evening, you’ll get entertaining challenges to strengthen your social side while partying with your fellow travelers. So what exactly do you race for? If your team collects the most points, you will receive a trophy not received by anyone else on Earth and enjoy the universal pride and glory of first place! Furthermore, you’ll receive a very valuable Grand Prize: a free entry for the widely popular Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge, an incredible autorickshaw event in India worth 2000 Euros!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional racer to win the Budapest-Chernobyl Run and you don’t need a special or expensive vehicle or accessories either. Team spirit combined with navigational and problem solving skills make the champion, not speed or racing cars. The means of completing this challenge are simple as long as you are confident in your abilities, knowledge, and survival skills. Most of all, you must be confident in yourself as you will discover a rarely visited part of the world in a way no one else has done before.