Money matters

To keep people with all kinds of budgets participating in the Budapest-Chernobyl Run, we’ve tried to keep costs low, find sponsors, and provide low-cost alternatives for necessary expenses.

Registration fees for The Budapest-Chernobyl Run

  • Per person: € TBD


  • Per team (up to 5 people in 1 vehicle): € TBD
  • For Party participants – € TBD per person

Budapest-Chernobyl Run fees will be available when the next run will be announced.

Registration will be closed before the start, or when all places are taken.

What’s included?

First: the right to participate in the Budapest-Chernobyl Run. This means there’s no hiding your friends in the trunk to avoid an extra registration fee.

  • Information about visas and all other paperwork.
  • Government permits & recommendations, where applicable.
  • Essential and hard-to-find maps.
  • A custom Road Book that guides you on all aspects of the journey
  • Official rally gear (clothing and accessories)
  • Complete coordination of charity events, with detailed reporting about how the money has been put to use, especially good for team sponsors.
  • Launch party in Budapest, Hungary
  • New Years Eve party in Transylvania
  • Finishers party in Ukraine
  • Accommodation for the last night in a hunting lodge
  • Organization team located in Budapest available to assist with all questions and issues that arise pre-event.

How much money will you need?

That depends on what you choose for accommodations, the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle, your choice of vehicle, and what you want to eat and drink along the way. To help make this less abstract we’ve put together a table of high and low range options for a team of two (see below). You can further cut your expenses (like fuel, etc.) if your team has more than 2 people.

Hotel packages will be distributed in first come first served system and you can choose from these two options (limited places in both).

Pack A (economy class): € 190/person
Pack B (business class a.k.a. ‘de luxe’): €290/person

Costs Low(er) budget for 2 High(er) budget for 2
smaller car, smaller
engine, basic restaurants
bigger car with bigger engine, fine restaurants, more “luxury”
not needed
not needed
Insurance Europen “green card” (free)
European “green card” (free)
Petrol 300 € 450 €
Highway toll 35 € 35 €
Accomodation 360 € 580 €
Food & drinks
(without booze)
150 € 450 €
Car repairs 80 € 120 €
Bribes 70 € 130 € (“drive bigger car, pay more” rule)
Driving back to Budapest 120 € 170 €
Total 1,115 € 1,935 €